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Because Systems Fail

3.5 billion people – more than half of the world’s population – live in countries that do not provide access to basic, essential health services. These conditions have created an unfathomable global crisis. InnovationsCZ creates structures that mitigate these failures through collaborating with impacted communities to generate creative healthcare solutions.  

Because Supply Chains Always Fail

2 billion people live in countries that are centers of long-term conflict, violence and corruption. These conditions degrade local health-care providers’ access to critical equipment and supplies.

Innovations CZ mitigates these supply chain problems. Our focus: provide for the health care needs of patients through creativity and innovation by minimizing the need for local health care providers to turn to a global supply chain. We design, manufacture or test supplies locally.  


About Us

Co-Founders Margaret Salmon, MD, MPH, and Christian Salmon, DSc, employ human-centered design methodology to first identify local health-care deficits. They then mobilize a multidisciplinary team, working with local populations, to brainstorm ideas on local manufacture of prototypes to design a inexpensive solutions using indigenous products. They follow up this work with observational study, validation and randomized control trials, publishing results in peer-reviewed journals. 

With this approach, they have pioneered innovative products, techniques and services to improve the local provision of health care to those living in great poverty and conflict. 

InnovationsCZ envisions a world where low-resourced communities have the tools, resources, and support they need to identify, prototype, and implement transformative change.

What We Do

Nerve Blocks

Because crying room should not exist

Cassava Gel

Make it local

Ultrasound Gel Pad

Make it affordable and accessible

Ensuring Drug Quality

Shedding light on medications

Park Triage

Capacity building to save lives

Community Access Point

Connecting students to resources

Our Publications

Maximizing the Interview

Crisis Intervention Through Schools Background  It is well documented that a significant percentage of children that present to urban Title 1  California schools, and other

Park Triage

Alleviating ranger danger The ProblemNational Parc de Lomami, home to some of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’s greatest biodiversity, is the country’s newest national park,

Ensuring Drug Quality

  Shedding light on your medications The ProblemEstimates are 30-50% of available medications are of low quality or counterfeit in countries with failed governance and


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