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Co-founders, Margaret Salmon, MD, MPH, and Christian Salmon, DSc, employ human-centered design methodology to first identify global healthcare deficits. They then mobilize a multidisciplinary team, working with local populations, to brainstorm ideas on local manufacture of prototypes to design inexpensive solutions using indigenous products. They follow up this work with observational study, validation and randomized control trials, publishing results in peer-reviewed journals. 

With this approach, they have pioneered innovative products, techniques, and services to improve the local provision of healthcare to those living in great poverty and conflict.  Global health entrepreneurs collaborating with communities to generate creative healthcare solutions for communities in need.


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Partnering is the essence of our work

Collaborating with local communities and local medical staff is the essence of Innovations CZ’s work. In vulnerable communities afflicted by conflict and corruption, the supply of essential medical supplies and technology is often cut off or drastically reduced.  We work with communities and their dedicated health-care providers to determine their needs and develop locally produced products and technology that do not rely on a global supply chain. 

HEAL Africa

Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

Tikur Anbessa Hospital

Addis Abada, Ethiopia

To obtain indigenous supplies, we walk the markets, looking for resources that can be developed into products that can be developed by local communities. One example: We worked with the local community to develop the use of the cassava root as the base for an ultrasound gel, which has been validated as equal resolution to imported commercial gel. Our mixture is being used by hospitals, medical schools and Medecins Sans Frontieres in DRC, Niger, Kenya and Malawi. We are proud to partner with several hospitals in Africa and will be developing additional collaborations. 

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