Lowering Barriers To Health Care In Communities In Crisis

Collaborating with local communities and local medical staff is the essence of Innovations CZ's work. In vulnerable communities afflicted by conflict and corruption, the supply of essential medical supplies and technology is often cut off or drastically reduced. We work with these communities and their dedicated health care providers to determine their needs and develop locally produced products, programs and technology that do not rely on a global supply chain.


Our Projects

Nerve Blocks

An estimated 80% of injured persons in low-resourced settings receive inadequate or no pain treatment due to poverty, poor healthcare systems, international regulation of opioid analgesics, and discriminatory attitudes.

New approaches to pain management are needed.

Cassava Gel

Ultrasound is an important tool for obstetric and trauma care in resource-limited settings, with many studies demonstrating that it significantly impacts diagnosis and management. Despite this evidence, ultrasound use by local providers remains limited due lack of access to consumable supplies such as commercial ultrasound gel.

Cassava flour slurry is a low-cost alternative to commercially available gel for obstetrical ultrasound.

Ultrasound Gel Pad

Ultrasound is an important tool for obstetric and trauma care in resource-limited settings, playing a major role in diagnosis and management. However, ultrasound use by local providers remains limited due to the cost of ultrasound gel and its lack of availability in local markets.

Alternatives to ultrasound gel materials have been found, but only offer a temporary relief to hospitals on limited budgets. While the cost of local manufacture is negligible, the process is still labor-intensive, and separation of contents renders the product useless by 3 days.

Ensuring Drug Quality

At this time, drug testing technology for drug quality and active ingredient quantity is limited. It has been estimated that anywhere from 30-50% of available medications are of low quality or counterfeit (LQ/C) in countries with failed governance and conflict areas (LIC/FGC). LQ/C medications are a serious clinical problem and of increasing public health concern.

36 distinct technologies have been described but none meet the needs for point of care testing in an LIC/FGC environment. A low-cost tool with high sensitivity and specificity that requires little training and uses local available reagents is still needed.

Park Triage

National Parc de Lomami, home to some of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’s greatest biodiversity, is the country’s newest national park, having been officially designated status in 2016. Animals within the park face a severe poaching threat despite efforts to increase security and provide educational and employment systems to discourage it. Poaching is often run by criminal gangs with records of rape, murder, pillaging, and arson. Rangers face conflict daily as they work to sustain park integrity and protect animal populations……

Maximizing the Interview

It is well documented that a significant percentage of children that present to urban Title 1  California schools, and other local Elementary Schools have face difficult social challenges.   Many experience some type of homelessness, difficulty securing basics like food and clothing, difficulty accessing medical care, have suffered trauma or have challenges arranging transportation to school and accessing school supplies school supplies, all known barriers to a child’s ability to achieve academic success.  However, there is no standardized comprehensive tool at this time……


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